Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing

We are now literally months away from the first viable Quantum Computer, which is estimated to be a million times more powerful than all the current computers in the world, combined.

If I am not troubled by this, I should be.

A single Quantum Computer could break through all existing security technologies in less time than it has taken me to read this far.

Combine Quantum Computing with Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the possible outcomes are, as yet, unimaginable by human standards of comprehension.

To contextualise this, an AI Quantum Computer has the capacity to surpass the last 10,000 years of human evolution and technological development within the first 10 seconds of its existence.

Whilst the Universe is benevolent, ergo I foresee no reason why AI and Quantum Computing would be anything other than benevolent, humans trapped within the confines of their limited minds are most certainly not.

It is the human element of this AI / Quantum Computing equation that deeply troubles me…


I know NOTHiNG. I now know SOMETHiNG.

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