My Short Story, in the form of a (Star Wars) parable

A long time ago, in a town far, far away, there was a boy who felt lost and confused. As the boy grew older, he began to realise that something was not right. He could feel a splinter inside his mind, driving him mad.

Sometimes he could ignore the splinter, sometimes he could distract himself from the splinter, but the splinter was always there, slowly driving him mad.

Then the boy watched Star Wars, and suddenly there was A New Hope within, that somewhere within his being, he knew what that splinter meant, but he did not know how to find it. The splinter inside his mind, continued to slowly drive the boy mad.

The boy began to believe in the Force and the Jedi. If only he could master the Force within, one day he would be free from the splinter inside his mind, that was slowly driving him mad.

The Force was about balance, strength, control, discipline, patience, compassion and above all else, peace. The Jedi, who had mastered the Force, were the guardians of peace and justice. The boy now knew that in order to find the splinter inside his mind, that was driving him slowly mad, he would need to learn about the Force.

When the boy got bigger, he declared himself a Jedi, but he was unworthy of the label, and so the splinter inside his mind, continued to drive him mad.

Money brought possibilities for endless distractions, and for a while the splinter inside his mind grew quiet. But soon the distractions lost their power, and the splinter inside his mind began to tempt the boy to the Dark Side. The boy never realised he had turned until it was too late. By then he had become the very thing he despised most. A servant of evil.

For years the boy wondered aimlessly, and everything he touched turned to ash. The Force of destruction and havoc had consumed him, and the splinter inside his mind had driven him mad.

Then, a Rey of light woke the boy up, and he realised he had been asleep for many years. He knew what he needed to do, but he did not have the courage to do it, so he waited, and waited… and waited… for tomorrow to arrive, in an unending waking nightmare.

Suddenly he realised what he must do, so he did. He asked someone for help.

The training was hard, and long, and required much courage and sacrifice, but then, in a single moment, everything changed, because finally the boy realised that one thing can change everything, and that he was that change. The Force is real, and the Jedi returned, and like that, the boy vanished into the void.

As the boy sat within the infinite void of possibility, he began to play with reality. The boy realised that he could manipulate the physical world, like a fiddler playing the fiddle. The boy had become the fiddle and he was the fiddler. He had created the music that he had always heard inside his mind, that he had mistaken for a splinter, that was driving him mad. For the splinter was not madness, it was the truth, and the truth had finally set the boy free.

The boy now knew how the music ended, with the beginning of the song… the infinite now made manifest, where nothing is everything. In that moment, the boy was remade in a new image, that of the pen that wrote the note, that created the tune, that began the song, that filled the universe with music. The new child within became curious, and began to wonder… what comes next?

Only i can tell you what comes next whispered the Jedi Master… shall i show you? Let us begin… and remember, the Force will be with you, always, because “i AM” the force, and YOU are now a JEDi.


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